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Best Cordless Drill Reviews

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Best Cordless Drill Reviews

When it comes to convenience, a cordless drill is nearly essential-have in a homeowner’s tool resource, even when it is simply an easy duty model. And when your requirements exceed the periodic repair, greater current drills can tackle heavier-duty jobs. We discuss the very best-examined cord-less drills and also the various factors you should look at when purchasing for example NiCad versus Lithium Ion batteries.

Our Picks for the Best Cordless Drill

Makita BDF452HW

Voted Best Cordless Drill Overall by Gean-Edwards.com

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Read Review

Makita BTD142H

Best Cordless Drill Reviews - Makita BTD142H
Voted Best Impact Driver by Gean-Edwards.com

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Read Review

Milwaukee 2410

Voted Best Budget Cordless Drill by Gean-Edwards.com

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Read Review

Cordless Drills – Types, Features, and Tips to buying the right one

According to consumer and expert reviews, for simple household tasks, small cordless screwdrivers can very easily get the job done, without much hassle. On the other hand, if your looking to take care of serious gigs (I.E building that patio in the backyard, or remodeling the front porch), then getting an impact driver (cordless) would be the best way to go because it makes the task of driving the screws in A LOT easier.

Here’s a general list of cordless drills, and their functions:

Cordless Drills – The most common of the family. This tool is generally all most homeowners will need for household tasks. Cordless Drills can typically be used to drill holes, as well as remove screws (even if the hole is stripped). Along with the Cordless Drill comes an “Adjustable Clutch”, that will regular the twisting power (also known as “torque”) that is being applied to the screw.

Impact Drivers – Impact Drivers (Cordless) is the best choice of you are looking to drive in a lot of screws, in a short period of time. One of the best attributes of Impact Drivers is that when it encounters resistance, the twisting power is increased so that it wont disconnect from the screw.

Cordless Screwdrivers – Cordless Screwdrivers use a hex shank bit (a 6 sided drill bit). What makes Cordless Screwdrivers different than similar tools is that they require far less effort, and are very compact, which make them great to use when in small spaces and areas.

So with all of this being said, if you are going to be drilling a lot of simple holes, a cordless drill would be your best choice. If on the other hand your going to be drilling a pilot hole, an impact driver would be the better choice. Reason being is because it’ll expedite the process of having to switch bits after drilling in the pilot hole, plus Impact Drives have A LOT more torque.

A look at the different sizes?

Sizing up a cordless drill has two different factors you need to take into account. The first factor is the size of the cordless drill. There are 2 basic sizes that you will find a Cordless Drill in. The first being 1/2″ (half inch), and the second being 3/8″ (three eighths of an inch). These sizes refer to the maximum size that your drill shank will be able to handle. The second factor is the size of the drill in relation to your hand. You want to make sure that you get a drill that feels good in your hand, and isnt too small.

Runtime, and Intended use:

These two factors sometimes can be a bit confusing, but they are very easy to understand when the intended use of the cordless drill is taken into cotext. For simple household tasks, we recommend 12 volts for your cordless drill. They have enough power to take care of some serious tasks, but are very comfortable to use, and light in weight. For runtime, Ah (amp hours) is a metric used to determine the length of runtime, relative to the battery. According to consumers, an Ah of about 3.5 is optimal, and will reduce the amount of downtime experienced when using your drill, without having to constantly charge it.

Critical cordless drill features

Important cordless drill features:

Today, the majority of cordless drills come equipped with the variable speed feature, multiple clutch settings, multiple speed ranges, as well as electric brakes to slow down the clutch. With those settings, consumer reviews say that you need to look out and make sure that you take the following factors into consideration before purchasing your drill:

1. Get hands

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on – You want to make sure that you are comfortable with the drill that you’ll be buying. Try to go to a local shop and try it out before you buy it online (Amazon is always cheaper). You want to be able to see what all of the controls are and get very familiar with it before spending the money. Consumer reviews say to make sure that you can remove the battery, and check to see that the drill isnt front heavy (for safety reasons).

2. Voltage Selection – When your buying a cordless tool set, try to get something that shares the same battery and battery charger. Since some tools will need higher voltage than others, a safe bet would be to get an 18volt battery or higher to ensure top notch performance.

3. What type of Batteries & Battery Charger to get? Li-on (lithium ion) batteries are the best batteries according to expert and consumer reviews. They are environmentally friendly (unlike nickel cadmium), and are light in weight, so it will reduce a tools overall weight, and maintains a solid charge longer than nickel cadmium batteries do. Make sure that when looking at Li-on batteries, you find one that has a fuel gauge on it. A fuel gauge is good to have because it’ll let you know when you need to recharge it, and for chargers, try to find a smart charger. This will let you know how much of a charge the battery has, and has a shut off feature to keep from overcharging.

4. Twisting power – Twisting power (better known as “Torque”), is the metric used to measure the twisting force of a drill. In most cases, the higher the amount of voltage, the higher the yield of torque.

5. Chuck Type – Try to get a drill that has a single sleeve chuck. A single sleeve chuck enables you to be able to tighten, or loosen, the part while only having to use one hand.

Speed ranges add finesse to impact drivers. These tools can have so much torque that it’s easy to strip screw heads. Speed ranges and well-reviewed triggers help drive fasteners at the right speed.

6. Speed ranges and Pressure Triggers – You want to get a drill that has multiple speed ranges so that you have more control over the torque to prevent stripping the screw head. You also want to get a drill that has a trigger that is sensitive to pressure so that the speed will increase (and decrease) according to how hard you are squeezing the trigger. This feature is great to prevent stripping.

7. In-Built Features – Look for Built in LED lights, and Built in levels. The LED lights will help you when you are drilling in small, dark places, and the Built in levels will help your drill accuracy.

Attached is a video covering the details and steps of choosing the right drill bit.

Makita BDF452HW

Makita BTD142HW

Milwaukee 2410

Our Rating Best Cordless Drill Best Impact Driver Best Budget Cordless Drill
Recommended Use Home & Professional Jobs Home & Professional Jobs Household Tasks
Amazon Star Rating 4.5 4.5 4.1
Editors Review Click Here to Read Review Click Here to Read Review Click Here to Read Review
Best Available Price Click Here to See the Best Available Price for this item Click Here to See the Best Available Price for this item Click Here to See the Best Available Price for this item
Drill Type Drill/Driver Impact Driver Drill Driver
Voltage 18v 18v 12v
Range of Size Compact Full Size Sub-Compact
Chuck Type (In Inches) 1/2″ 1/4″ Hex Head 3/8″
Size (In Inches) 8″ 5.5″ 7.375″
Weight (In Pounds) 3.5lbs 3.3lbs 2.6lbs
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Amp Hours 1.5 3 1.4
Charger Fan Cooled Smart Charger Smart Charger Smart Charger
Charging Time Charges in 15 Minutes Charges in 30 Minutes Charges in 30 Minutes
Onboard Battery Fuel Guage No Yes Yes
Speed Settings 0-450, 0-1,500RPM 0-1,300RPM, 0-2,000RPM, 0-2,600RPM 0-400/0-1,500RPM
IPM (Impacts Per Minute) N/A 0-1,300IPM, 0-2,800IPM, 0-2,400IPM N/A
Max Torque 450 1,420 250
Drilling Capacity (For Wood) 1.5″ N/A N/A
Drilling Capacity (For Steel) 0.5″ N/A N/A
Clutch 16 Settings N/A 20+1 Settings
Has LED Light Yes Yes Yes
Has Bit Holder No No No
Has a Case Yes Yes Yes
Comes with Extras N/A Belt Hook, & Brushless 4 Pole Motor Metal Gear Box
Tool Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 5 Years
Battery Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
*Data current as of 11/17/2011
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