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Best Table Saw Reviews

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Best Table Saw Reviews

Regardless of your experience, you can very easily find a great Table Saw that will fit nicely into your budget. However finding the best table saw can be a very complicated ordeal for those that dont truly understand what features to look for. Some features offer more in the “fluff” category, vs. the actual needs category. Here at Gean-Edwards.com we’ve taken a thorough, indepth examination of all of the the best table saw reviews based on expert and consumer ratings. These ratings from REAL consumers will help you make the most educated choice, and will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Our Picks for the Best Table Saw

Bosch 4100DG

Voted Best Portable Table Saw by Gean-Edwards.com

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Read Review

Dewalt DW745

Voted Best Budget Table Saw by Gean-Edwards.com

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Read Review

Powermatic 64

Voted Best Table Saw Overall by Gean-Edwards.com

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Read Review

Table Saw: Features, Pricing, Factors, and What to Look For

Typically, a Table Saw uses a 10″ Blade (Circular, in diameter), that spins on an axis and cuts through the wood. You simply turn the machine on, then move the wood against the blade, and the blade will do the rest of the work on its own. Generally they can range any from $400 dollars all the way up to $4,000 in price, but you can find really good deals for some of the higher end Table Saws online (I.E Amazon). The main difference between the higher end table saw’s, and the lower end are the features, and the ability to handle denser woods. The higher end models also cut faster, and can run longer without putting any stress or wear on the motor. They are more accurate, and are much easier to handle when changing the cutting blade. One of the most important features according to consumer reviews is that the higher end models are a lot safe to use than the lower end models. You can expect to find blade brakes which will prevent the saw from cutting into your flesh.

In comparing prices, take durability into account. Experts say a good table saw can last at least 15 years. Given how much time and money can be lost to even a minor injury, paying more for a table saw with extra safety features can save money in the long run.

Table Saw’s: Type’s, and how they work

Below is a list describing the four primary types of Table Saw’s that you will find, and what they are best for:

1. Portable Table Saw’s – Portable Table Saw’s is the model of choice if you are looking for something that is easily portable to and from different work locations, and will be easy to store. They are very light in weight, and is one of the most commonly used.

2. Contractor Table Saw’s – Contractor Table Saw’s are larger than that of the above Portable Table Saw, and will take up a lot more storage space. However, with this type of Table Saw being larger, it makes it much easier to cut large cuts of wood (I.E plywood). While not as easily transportable as Portable Table Saw’s, these types are still fairly easy to move around provided there are 2-3 people to move the unit.

3. Hybrid Table Saw’s – Hybrid Table Saw’s is the typical household Table Saw that you’d find in the shed out back, garage, or in the basement. Mildly portable, and are very similar to Contractor Table Saw’s.

4. Cabinet Saw’s – Cabinet Table Saw’s are the heaviest, but most accurate of the 4. They have the most powerful motors, and are the absolute best for cutting through plywood, sheet rock, and other such materials. They come fully equipped with dust control features, and guard rails to help make sure you cut with extreme precision. This is the least portable of the four.

Below is a list of things to take into consideration when shopping for the best table saw:

1. Horsepower – According to expert and consumer reviews when trying to pick out the best table saw, make sure that you take available electrical power into account. Table Saw’s have motors that need a lot of voltage in order to operate, and some experts say that a 1.5 to 2 horsepower motor with eighteen to twenty four amps should have no more than a 20 amp circuit draw. Also, be sure not to buy more power than what is absolutely necessary. What you expect to cut should be your metric for exactly how much power that you’ll need. For 3” thick hardwood, a three to five horsepower motor would be perfect. For anything less, then a two horsepower motor would be just fine.

2. Kickback Prevention – To prevent serious kickback problems, you should aim for a riving knife, instead of a splitter (according to consumer reviews). Also make sure that the blade guard that you use is very simple to flip out of your way for convenience. Also check to see if your desired saw will have “Flesh-Sensor” technology for extra injury prevention (having this can save you, or your crew a trip to the emergency room).

3. Kick Switch – Make sure that your desired drill comes with a kick switch so that you can quickly turn it off in case of an emergency. This switch should be mounted wherever you will be standing.

4. Magnetic Switch – The magnetic switch will prevent the table saw from being turned on by accident. This feature is great to have if you undergo a power outage, and then have the table saw accidentally turn on when power is restored.

5. Dust Collection – Having a Table Saw with dust collection is not just good for the workplace, and cleanup, but its good for your health. This will help protect your lungs.

6. Blade Tilt – Make sure that your Table Saw comes equipped with Left tilt (vs. Right tilt). According to expert reviews, having a left tilt blade instead of a right tilt blade will help prevent kickback, as well as it make it much easier to clean miter cuts that are along the panel.

7. Vibration Reduction – To reduce vibration from the Table Saw, check to see if your desired Table Saw comes equipped with something like granite, or cast iron (granite being the better of the two). They provide much better stability.

8. Belts – Check to see if your desired Table Saw comes with a Poly-V belt. This type of belt are better to use than the common wedge belt.

9. Ease of use – Make sure that the blade alignment on your Table Saw is accurate and is very simple to adjust. The front wheel needs to be able to turn very easily. Test out all of the hand wheels to make sure all the wheels and levers work without any friction.

Table Saw Safety: Be sure to read our post on Table Saw Safety, and how to prevent kickback from your saw.

Bosch 4100DG

Dewalt 745

Powermatic 64a

Our Rating Best Portable Table Saw Best Budget Table Saw Best Table Saw Overall
Recommended Use Jobs that require a mobile Table Saw Jobs that require a mobile Table Saw Jobs that dont require a mobile Table Saw
Amazon Star Rating 4.5 4.5 4.5
Editors Review Click Here to Read Review Click Here to Read Review Click Here to Read Review
Best Available Price Click Here to See the Best Available Price for this item Click Here to See the Best Available Price for this item Click Here to See the Best Available Price for this item
Riving Knife Yes Yes Yes
Onboard Blade Guard Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Kickback Pawls Yes Yes Yes
Blade Brake (with flesh sensor) Yes Yes Yes
Stand Yes No Yes
Mobile Yes No No
Rip Capacity 25.125″ 16″ 50″
Blade Tilt Left Left Left
Arbor Lock Yes Yes Yes
Motor 15amp Soft Start 15amp Soft Start 1 1/2 HP (Horsepower)
Max Cut (at 90 degrees) 3.125 3 1/8 3 1/8
Max Cut (at 45 degrees) 2.25 2 1/4 2 1/8
Dado Diameter 13/16″ N/A 7.5″
Blade RPM 3,650 3,850 4,500
Arbor Diameter 5/8″ 5/8″
Dust Port 2″ 2.5″ 4″
Decibels 88-92 N/A n/A
Table Material Cast Aluminum N/A Cast Iron
Table Size 21.5 x 29″ 22″ 40 x 27″
Table Height 38″ 18.75″ 35″
Has Extension Wings Yes Yes Yes
*Data current as of 1/26/2012
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